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Aplikasi Android |MIUI X4 Go Launcher Theme PRO v1.16.1 (1.16.1) Android Apk

MIUI X4 Go Launcherme PRO v1.16.1

Aplikasi Android | Aplikasi Android Gratis | Aplikasi Android Unik : 2.2+

Overview: MIUI X4me PRO/DONATE Go Launcher Ex

The Icon Pack also compatible NOVA Launcher AND Apex Launcher

ThisPRO/DONATE VERSIONme,re alsoFREE VERSION Market. takeslot time effort createme if would like hon hours I am puttingto adding activities Iconsme buy Pro/Donate Version. All Icons free use found my Blog XDA Miui V4 Project Vexillumpic.

FREE Version = up 677 Icons

PRO/DONATE VERSION = than 1553 Icons

I am splitting upcause ate pointreo much Icons change hand. GoLauncher crashcauseo much Icons loadedto Ram. I love my Icons never changing any Icon.refore,me splitto FREE Version 677 Icons, where everybody change Icons PRO/DONATE Version where every week added Icons. But aw that Pro/Donate Version’t change Icons when 800 Icons exceeded.

Thisme based MIUI V4me ProjectVexillum at XDA. I createdme Icons myself also future,itCommunity Project.

>>>>>>>>> FEATURES <<<<<<<<<<<

+ 1553 Iconsme ( Version 1.9 )

+ HDPI MDPI Screen compatible

+ Go Launcher EXme

+va Launcher compatible

+ Apex Launcher compatible

+ 84 Pixel Icons ( HIGH QUALITY )

+ New Folder Design

+ New App Drawer Design

+ Cool Wallpaper

>>>>>>>>> TUTORIAL <<<<<<<<<<<

1. click Marketwnloadstallme

2. click Menu Buttonr Phone at Homescreen choosemes

3. search MIUI X4 PROme click “Apply”

NOTIZ! Usuallyupdate should displayed automatically.youn’t see new Icons just kill GoLauncher try switchme back MIUI X4 PROme.

What’s version:

Version 1.16.1


- FIXED Apex Launcher Icons

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