Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aplikasi Android |Crazy Worms v1.0

Crazy Worms v1.0 ѧ Aplikasiroid | Aplikasiroid Gratis | Aplikasiroid Unik :roid 2.0.1 up ѧ Aplikasiroid | Aplikasiroid Gratis | Aplikasiroid Unik : delays hours boring anymore. ѧ ѧ ѧ CrazyWorms,game play family friends, fun challenging. Creating escape hours boredom delays, game come spend time fun. ѧ GAME DESCRIPTION ѧ CrazyWormssimple game played, faringrevolutionary gamecauseir purpose. ѧs purpose casual games. extremely easy played any player. ѧ objective development CrazyWorms, moments boredom whenre'shing pass time fun. we created CrazyWorms aiminggame pass time, likeyou're train, Out Work, even waitingmeone queue Cinema, Market Bank. ѧ we leave two versions game availablewnloaded,e Free or FULL, ѧlow follows manual game, CrazyWormsFREE CrazyWormsFULL. ѧ GAMEPLAY MANUAL ѧ free version simple, player havely HightScore Option ,even gamees flee purposeing justgame pass time whenrehingteresting. ѧ HighScore objective simple, have three playable levels,rmal, Medium, Hard. ѧrmal, player freedom go freely scoring points, points scored each Worm crushed, player should also aw that bombs scattered set, every time played player losesme percentage points BadWorm also crushed game restarts saving points giving player freedom challengemeone score points than he won. ѧ Medium, follow same pattern,me obstacles added set, which causes same consequences BadWorms,be crushed. ѧ Hard, pattern alsoes escape objective game, addedTimer player complete ѧ game, after completing level restarts saving points earned. ѧ Full version have two choices, HightScore StarGame, StartGame works likeHistory mode. ѧ StarGame player job taking cplantation watermelons, that disrupted mutant worms. mission simple, game 10 Levels, level have score 100 points go next level, when next levelder pass anor level player have scoring points than previous level, same valid or levels. "Points marked earlier seen LastScore box . ѧe: When game progresses levelscome difficult, wormsgin change positions randomlycomplicating player smashm, added BadWorms which function when crushed make player losepoint causing restart current level depending level BadWorm eliminatespointr life "if lives finish current level restarted." ѧ OBSTACLES GAME: ѧ CrazyWorms: Smashm earn points. ѧ BadWorms: When crushed current level restarted, depending level playerly loseslife "if ѧ lives finish, current level restarted" ѧ Watermelons: When crushed current level restarted, depending level player havecertain number ѧ accepted Farmer loss watermelons. ѧ Bomb: Whenuched player losescertain number points earned. ѧ ATTENTION PLEASE ѧ CrazyWorms, workslyroid Tablets | MODELS: ѧ TegraTablet *** (1024 x 600) *** ѧroidTablet *** (16 x 10) ***, Obs: Occurs slight changes LayOut ѧ Resolutionslowwnload: CrazyWorms LITTLE ѧ (800 x 480) ѧ (854 x 480) ѧ (1024 x 600) ѧ /> ѧ <input type="button" value=""> ѧ ѧwnload: Released ѧ ѧ ѧ ѧ

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