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Aplikasi Android |FolderSync v2.2.3

FolderSync v2.2.3 ѧ ѧ REQUIRESROID: 2.1 up ѧ Aplikasiroid | Aplikasiroid Gratis | Aplikasiroid Unik : FolderSync enables easy syncstween cloud storageroid s. ѧ ѧ Description ѧ FolderSync enables easy syncstween cloud storageroid s. ѧ FolderSyncapplication that enables simple sync cloud based storage local folders memory . currently support multiple SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Ubuntue,, LiveDrive, HiDrive, Google Drive, Googlecs, NetDocuments, Amazon S3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV windows sh (Samba/CIFS) accounts, support platforms planned. ѧ Effortlessly syncrs. Backupr music, pictures or importants phoner cloud storage or way around. neveren easier. Tasker / locale support enables fine grained controlr syncs. ѧ FolderSync also containsfull manager, that enables managers locally cloud., move deletersr cloud/remote accounts. Support creation/deletion buckets Amazon S3. Uploadwnloads phone.'ssupported. ѧ IMPORTANT: ѧyounot create account landscape tablet, go herefo how resolve: ѧ ѧ could also try out lite version, test functionalityfore buy. lite versionly allows two accounts sync filters Tasker support. ѧ Follow news here: ѧ!/FolderSync ѧ full change log found here: ѧ ѧ Get support: ѧ ѧ Please read FAQ. I have addressed commentsre: ѧ ѧ Detailed description: ѧ choose any folder memory sync. Currentlye-way two-way sync supported. Synctervals or sync settings specified each syncem configure. set upfolderpair sync automatically keeprs sync. ѧ Current supported providers: ѧ ☆ Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service ѧ ☆ Dropbox ѧ ☆ SugarSync ѧ ☆ NetDocuments ѧ ☆ Googlecs/Google Drive ѧ ☆ (WebDAVs) ѧ ☆ LiveDrive (WebDAV/FTP) ѧ ☆ HiDrive (WebDAV/FTP) ѧ ☆ FTP ѧ ☆ FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit) ѧ ☆ FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit) ѧ ☆ SFTP (SSH Transfer) ѧ ☆ Samba/CIFS/Windows Sh ѧ ☆ Ubuntue ѧ ☆ WebDAV ѧ ☆ WebDAVs (HTTPS) ѧ Current features: ѧ ☆stant (full version) ѧ ☆ Multiple accounts (full version) ѧ ☆ manager - manager clouds ѧ ☆ Amazon S3 Client Side Encryption support ѧ ☆ Tasker/locale support (full version) ѧ ☆ User defined sync filters (full version) ѧ ☆ Sync selected provider ѧ ☆ Two-way sync support deletions ѧ ☆ Backup/restore settings ѧ ☆ User specified syncterval specific sync times ѧ ☆ Choose connection types each syncem ѧ ☆ Support syncing subfolders ѧ ☆ Sync hiddens disabled ѧ ☆ ads (full version) ѧ Deletion two-way sync: ѧ enable deletions two-way sync, option “Preserve target” must unchecked ѧ FTPS/FTPES serversout resume support: ѧ Usese atr own risk, uploads maycome corrupt. ѧ What's version: ѧ
  • Version 2.2.3 (07-10-2012):
  • - Fixedsue Google Drive timestamps.
  • - Fixed FTP uploadsues.
  • - Enabled upload larges Dropbox.
  • - Fixedsue detecting battery state.
  • Version 2.2.2 (02-10-2012):
  • -Added fix alleviate problems reaching Google Drive quota limit.
  • -Fixed than 100s shown Google Drive folder.
  • - Added fast scroll listviews.
  • - Added Japanese translation.
  • View full changelog here:
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