Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aplikasi Android |Game Releases • Fat Chicks v1.0

Fat Chicks v1.0
Aplikasi Android | Aplikasi Android Gratis | Aplikasi Android Unik 1.6 up
Overview: September prep live life edgebox Fat Chicks Game. Meet fun lovable chicks who guide through over 30 levels puzzlelving action’s revolutionary new game mechanic never seenfore.


The game Fat Chicks seensmall idea turnedtogame ready explodetoovernight mega hit. Play Fat Chicks, Zoey, Cessy, Calley, Eliza, Flo, Harley embarkquest save baby chicksing turnedtokids meal. game takes concept search rescue new heights embarkmaze boxesly way out use’re head. Playableages!
Chosen One Mediaup coming company. A rising star ever growing appdustry,ir debutgan late 2011 release game “Christmas Chaos”.y have since released several or titles word puzzle game “Wurble”game Leukemia Foundation “Light Night”.

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released muzhiwan

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