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Aplikasi Android |Root [Android] Puppet War: FPS ep.2 v2.0.2- Arcade & Action

XemJqlyMUoy64-dii2xLGS7BsSRy7bwShiV.jpg ѧ Description ѧ Battle evil puppets awesome weapons crazy 3d FPS shooter game!★★★ EPIC WAR MAN VS PUPPETS CONTINUES!!! ★★★ Episode 2 features loads new content: New BIGGER MAPS! 10 new WEAPONS like FLAME THROWER & SNIPER RIFLE! New PUPPETS like VAMPIRELDIER Puppets! BOSS fights!! ѧ * Currently available PowerVR SGX530/540 GPU basedroid s. Pleasewnload Puppet War:FPS Episode 1 free check game worksr .(If works okn episode 2 work well). ѧ * "Google Play Billing Service" permission used optional IAP game coins. ѧ *Does work properly Motorola Droid Bionic . ѧ Battle evil puppets awesome weaponstally crazy, action packed, 3d FPS shooter game! Blowir headsf,chopm up burn m flame thrower SAVE HUMAN KIND PUPPET WORLD MINATION! ѧ Puppet War: EPISODE 2 - CONQUER STUDIO puppets escape setsvade realistic studio environments. heroic janitbe able stopir evil plan? He encounter harder enemies bigger maps have face worst fear! Smiley EVIL BOSS CLOWN! ѧ ★ Puppet War -e challenging hilarious FPS game experience iPhonewroid! ★ ѧ ----------------------- ѧ Press Reviews: ѧ ----------------------- ѧuch Arcade - "'llly laughing out loud frequentlyyou'll really testingr FPS skills's actuallyreally great game under graphical coating." ѧ CNET - " Puppet War:FPSfersdeliciously clever twist FPS genre" ѧ Sunday Times App List - " Puppet Ware effortlessly enjoyable-person shooters App Store " ѧ "If wantsolid FPS that addsunique idea genreme killer artwork, look furr than Puppet War:FPS!" – APPMODO. ѧ *** Check out review sectionsite detailed reviews. ѧ ----------------------- ѧ About game: ѧ ----------------------- ѧ Puppet War3d FPS (First ‘Puppet’ Shooter) which playjanit stuckcolorful TV kids-show studio hordes evil cuddly puppets trying kill! ѧ Luckily,re lots extremely awesome weapons atr disposal defendrself. ѧ survive waves crazy puppets trying eat up likedelicious cookie?? ѧ stay alive have earn money buy stronger weapons reach harder levels unlock even powerfules. ѧ ----------------------- ѧ Game features: ѧ ----------------------- ѧ ★ REALISTIC UNIQUE WEAPONS unlock UPGRADE like: ѧ Flame Thrower, Sniper Rifle scope ability, Laser Gun, AK47, Boxing Gloves,uble Uzis. ѧ ★ VARIOUS STUDIO MAPS! ѧ Battle puppets realistic studio's Lobby, Corridors scary Parking Garage. ѧ ★PUPPET ENEMIES DIFFERENT ABILITIES! ѧ Fight New VAMPIRE &LDIER puppets,Exploding Karting puppet,Disappearing Magician. ѧ ★ BOSS FIGHTS! Fight Smileysane evil clown Fluffy brors. ѧ ★SPECIAL PERKS aid battle likevisible Cape, Atomicse blower & Dynamite Cake. ѧ ★ SURVIVAL MODE + SCARY SURVIVAL ZOMBIE MODE. ѧ ★ IMPRESSIVE 3D GRAPHICS, HIGHLY DETAILED WEAPONS FREE ROAMING LEVELS. ѧ ★ FUNNY GAMEPLAY RICH ANIMATIONSUNDS. ѧ ★ 3 GAME DIFFICULTY CHOICES PLAYERSLEVELS. Challenging hard core fps players easy new comers. ѧ ★ GAME CENTER LEADERBOARDS ACHIEVEMENTS. ѧ ★ SLICK EASY USE CONTROLS. ѧ ★ ENDLESS LEVELS RISING DIFFICULTY provide hours gameplay fun! ѧ ----------------------- ѧ App screenshots: ѧ ua4bnFtWcvRerNNiUwMEoKSXhr9ydLOAL78.jpgDdnOxoUCWWQAXfIy0ZLb1MGATGLvKfgGtvH.jpgztoEbTSDLOuhHaSMTmpIhhooCkp8M2cvOby.jpgdwIqg8wwN3b1mJ55Pei-QY-Yvd2z0psrI43.jpgRwyR7pMT1svaJrRUt3CyKBMbYpP5hEI_Vro.jpg ѧwnload Link: ѧ <input type="button" value=""> ѧ ѧ

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