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Aplikasi Android |Game Releases • Greed Corp v1.7 (Paid)

Greed Corp v1.7 (Paid)
Aplikasi Android | Aplikasi Android Gratis | Aplikasi Android Unik Android 2.2+
Overview: award winning console PC strategy hit now available Android!

Greed Corp, turn-based strategy, ats finest!
The award winning console PC strategy hit now availabler Android mobile!
Greed Corpfresh fun strategy game situatedrich Steam-Punk world,feringlong-lasting single player campaignvariety multiplayer options up four players.

Find delicate balancetween harvesting land resources fundr war machines preserving stay alive. Choosee four different factions:dustrious Cartel, militaristic Empire, Freemen preservationists, Pirate traders. Destroyr enemies, destroy very landy stand,forey.

The Android version boasts same features Console PC versions,fering:
• Annovative land collapsing mechanic, creatingtense strategic battles.

• Earn Trophies titles, climbline leader-boards playinge four factions bite-sized matches around 20 minutes.

• Campaign mode 4 chapters spread over 24 unique mapscludingextensive tutorial.

• 2, 3, 4-player battles spread across 36 maps.

• Customize multi-player matches any combination local,line, computer players (with three difficulty levels).

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-Released Blackcrowned-


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