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Aplikasi Android |Torque Pro (OBD2 & Car) 1.6.19 (Android)

Torque Pro (OBD2 & Car) 1.6.19 (Android)

Overview: Torque Provehicle / car performance / diagnosticsol scanner that usesOBD II Bluetooth adapter connectr OBD2 engine management / ECU

Aplikasi Android | Aplikasi Android Gratis | Aplikasi Android Unik : Android OS 1.5 up

Market Update Released: October 3, 2012

Price: $4.75

What’s Torque Pro (OBD2 & Car) version 1.6.19:

Tip:Turn ‘Faster Communication’ OBD settings faster read speeds!

BUGFIXbug that creptto 1.6.18 causing app crash start

Maintenance release – fixesme minbugs reported users

Sony Xperia P ‘pinsue’ fix

Changesnotrends units that update via Google Play

r phone goes slow when Torque quitsn have bugged bluetooth drivers – enable ‘Hang fix HTC/Samsung’ settings (set ‘Yes’) work aroundsue

Measure BHP, Torque & 0-60

Clear car OBD faults

View engine data Google Earth

See whatr caring realtime, get OBD fault codes, car performance, sensdata!

Layoutr own dashboard widgets / gauges want!

It use GPS provide tracker logs OBD engine logging see what wereing at any point time

It also show resetDTC / CEL / fault code likescantool. Helps fixr car helps keep repair costswn!

Torque also features:

  • Dyno / Dynomometer Horsepower/HP & Torque

  • Can read Transmission Temperatures (vehicle dependant)

  • 0-60 speed timings – accurate than just using plain old GPS – see how fastr car (truck )

  • CO2 emissions readout

  • Customisable dashboard & profiles

  • Videor journey using Track Recorder pluginscreen OBDII data overlay –black boxr car/truck!

  • Automatically send GPS tagged tweets directly twitter (fexample if goingroad trip)

  • Massive fault code database lookup fault codes different manufacturers

  • Theme support (choose differentmes change lookr dashboard)

  • Send loggingformation web email CSV/KML analysis via excel / openoffice reader

  • Heads up display / HUD mode night time driving

  • Compass (GPS Based) that won’t suffer magneticterference

  • GPS Speedometer/Tracking realtime web upload capability – see what wereingr engine, atpoint time

  • Turbo boost feature vehicles that support MAP MAF sensors (VW & Golf / Audi / Seat supported)

  • Alarms warnings (fexample ifr coolant temperature goes over 120C whilst driving) voice/speech overlay

  • Carck support

  • Graph data

  • MPG

  • Able sh screenshots Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email,

  • AIDL API third party apps, A simple Telnetterface developers talk adapter,OBD scanner.

  • Works tablet s like Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tabok

Works any vehicle that uses OBD 2 standard (most vehicles built after 2000,can work vehicles far back 1996) ifubt checkr manufacturer look ‘OBD2′ writtenbig white labelr engine bay

Works vehicles made Ford, VW, GM/Vauxhall/Opel, Chrysler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugoet, Skoda, Kia, Mazda, Lexus, Subaru, Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Seat, Dodge, Jeep, Pontiacmore vehicle makes, European, US, Far East,.me vehicle ECUs may support/less features than ors

The app needsBluetooth OBD2 adapter work. adapter small plugsto diagnosticscket car which givesr phone access. (Garmin EcoRoute HD adapters supported)

buye cheap china OBD2 ELM327 bluetooth adapters ebay / amazon,n make sure havegood returns policy seller

Somest reliable OBD2 / OBD adapters adapter, OBDKey, PLX Devices Kiwi Bluetooth, ELM327 or ELM adapters supported – search googlem

More features added every release –re ums – if wantmething addedn let me know I’ll try add if possible! Vehicle ECUs vary amount sensors supported

*PLEASE NOTE!* Any reports hanging reboots after quitting app duebug HTC s Galaxy Tab,this triggered using Pandora/Vlingo/Or BT apps. Disabling Pandoras new bluetooth settings fixes problem,HTC/Samsung need releasefix.Please contactir support requestfix,Thanks!

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